Pizza Pi Mobile Catering

Introducing Pizza Pi Mobile Catering, your on-the-go destination for delicious pizzas wherever the party takes you! Our mobile pizzeria is hitting the road to bring the artisanal experience to your doorstep. From local events to private celebrations, savour our freshly baked pizzas crafted with care and premium ingredients. Follow the irresistible aroma to discover Pizza Pi at various locations, turning any gathering into a pizza-filled celebration. Because good times and great pizza should be enjoyed anywhere, and Pizza Pi Mobile Catering is here to make that happen!


Make your event extraordinary by inviting Pizza Pi Mobile Catering to serve up a slice of perfection! Now available for hire, our mobile pizzeria brings a delectable experience to your special occasion. Enjoy the freedom to customize your pizza feast with our tailored menus, ensuring every bite aligns with your event’s unique flair. Elevate your celebration with the irresistible aroma and flavours of Pizza Pi, where we turn any gathering into a memorable pizza extravaganza. Book Pizza Pi Mobile Catering and let us add a dash of culinary delight to your next event!

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